What Our Customers Say

"• The quality of all presenters was impressive! • Great conference! I thought the topic selection was great. Looking forward to fall conference. • I thought the sessions were all good. Good information and info on new products. Was very surprised at the excellent quality of the giveaway prizes. Both the tour of the stadium and the reception were awesome. Thank you for the opportunity. • I really liked the learning labs the first day. I got as much out of these as the actual conference. • Vendor breaks were great! "
STAR Conference Attendees
Indianapolis, Indiana

Communications Supply Service Association

CSSA is a national association of independent telephone companies. We focus on distributing technology-related products and services based on the needs of our Membership. CSSA was founded by members of NTCA over 40 years ago to ensure rural independent telcos have competitive access to products.

Today, CSSA has grown to over 300 Members. As the industry and needs of our Membership evolved, CSSA diversified beyond traditional product distribution and now offers centralized support services and training programs.